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    Our approach is simple - use the freshest ingredients to create some of the most flavorful poke bowls, burritos, and salads. Being in the heart of California’s Agricultural hub, we strive to bring food that is locally and responsibly sourced while ethically sustainable. We only use top quality ingredients dedicated to the art and enjoyment of your creations! 

    With our ever-evolving community, we are inspired and excited to bring progressive and spontaneous seasonal ingredients. Focused on millennial food trends with classic culinary style, it allows us to create some of the best food experiences you have yet to taste!  

    Make Fish Poke & Sushi Burrito
    Sacramento Farm to Fork

    It is truly understanding where your food comes from and the importance of buying from our local farms & farmers. We here in Sacramento have access to the largest regions of agriculture and abundance in seasonal crops to provide the freshest food in our surrounding restaurants. Restaurants who contribute and commit to buying local are making a conscious decision to serve fresh produce to assure that our patrons are eating well and eating right.

    Both of our restaurant concepts are Farm2Fork supporters. Come and check out a Make Fish or Delilah's Market by Make Fish near you. 
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